Eileen Li

Financial Adviser

Risk Insurance Specialist

Phone: 021 680 758
Email: [email protected]
FSP: 1006161
LinkedIn: Eileen Li

Quantum are thrilled to welcome Financial Adviser-Risk Specialist Eileen Li to our team!

Born in China, fluent in Chinese Mandarin and English, Eileen immigrated to NZ in the early 2000s as an International Student.

Based in Hamilton, this married mother of two, has an impressive string of qualifications and degrees under her belt.  Everything Eileen has achieved, and continues to, is built on the value and importance she places on the family unit, hers and yours.

Her collaborative approach to all things risk comes with a delightful sense of humor, a friendly, open style of communication, and a strong work ethic. Evidenced over the past four years in the Pharmacy Industry as a full-time Pharmacy Technician at various Unichem pharmacies across Hamilton.  Eileen has built a reputation as an advocate, explaining:

“As a Pharmacy Technician, I've experienced endless opportunities for learning.  I’ve had an incredible journey helping support colleagues under pressure, interpreting labels for non-English speaking people, answering everyday enquiries, and helping patients communicate with doctors to confirm correct medicines, accurate strengths, and frequencies.  Quantum is a new way for me to help people.  A new way for me to advocate for clients.  A new way for me to help people make informed decisions about their financial wellbeing with medical and life insurance that meets their needs.”

Available for In-Person and On-line appointments NZ-wide, Eileen enjoys working closely with people from diverse cultural and geographic backgrounds, with a special focus on assisting Mandarin-speaking clients with the personalised service and attention they deserve.

Long ago Eileen was taught that “Learning to be content with what you have can help you avoid overspending and focus on what truly matters”.   Now as a homeowner who’s looking forward to renovating her kitchen, and adding a garden, Eileen attributes her resilient and focused nature to the financial wisdom once shared with her.  

“People often tell me that in our fast-paced world, stress is simply a part of everyday living.  But real stress is born from worry.  When we worry about things like rising house and living costs, and combine that with inadequate retirement and financial planning, our stress rises.  These challenges are real, and they make it difficult for individuals and families to achieve long-term financial stability”.

So, if long-term financial stability is what you're looking for, contact Eileen today.

Eileen Li
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