Katie Cheffings

Financial Adviser

Risk Insurance Specialist

Phone: 022 164 0969
Email: [email protected]
FSP: 772959
LinkedIn: Katie Cheffings

NZ born, and raised in Auckland and Rotorua, Katie learned at a young age that “knowledge is power”, and when it comes to that knowledge, Katie walks that talk.  Juggling a career that continues to grow in leaps and bounds, family life with a miniature human (“we’re raising a 5 year old who’s going on 21!”), whilst completing her latest round of studies (Diploma in Business Studies & a Bachelor of Business double major in Accounting & Marketing), Katie is proof that if you want something done well and fast, give it to a busy person!

Katie understands that giving back through service to the things that matter (for her, that’s the Breast Cancer Society, the Heart Foundation, and many others) brings empathy.  And she also knows the value of investing in oneself, and in ones future.  She’s done it, repeatedly.  She’s doing it now.  And that’s why you can trust her to help you invest in your life and health and to hear and understand your needs.

Katie’s many years of experience in Business Development Management have created this builder of relationships, who considers the highlight of her job is giving people of all backgrounds, budgets and goals access to private healthcare and making sure you have the money you need to lighten your burdens when those losses come.

The world of insurance, finance and business is ever-changing, and having a personal adviser that stays up-to-date with the best and most accurate advice is invaluable.  From development to management, Katie will support your long term life and health goals via her valuable connections with industry specialists and providers, so you can be sure you’ll never be under (or over!) insured.

For service that will exceed your expectations every time, talk to Katie today.

Katie Cheffings
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