Richie Thomas

Financial Adviser

Risk Insurance Specialist

Phone: 021 208 0291
Email: [email protected]
FSP: 1004872
LinkedIn: Richie Thomas

Born in Auckland, raised by his grandparents, and schooled at CCNZ in Hamilton, Richie is all about whanau.  Family comes first.  And helping protect yours is his priority.

His previous contract with EQC allowed Richie to understand the claims process.  To improve processes.  To hear about the successes and feel satisfied that the team was doing a great job.  Yet, he was left feeling disconnected.  Disconnected from what matters most, the people behind the claims.  Hearing about success just wasn’t the same as seeing the results in the families he worked with.

Since 2018 Richie has worked his way back to doing what matters most to him – giving families the space to breathe when they need it most.  Joining Quantum in 2023, Richie shares:

“I’m here to give you options.  I want to make sure your family is clear on what risk products are available to remove the pressure when the going gets tough.  We all hope those unexpected illnesses, or accidents don’t happen to us and our loved ones, but LIFE happens to everyone. 

I can help you with risk services that allow you to keep a roof over your head, an income coming in, and get you to the front of the line for medical services that can give you years more with your loved ones.  I get it.   No-one likes talking about death or loss.  It hurts.  It’s uncomfortable and confronting.  But there’s no judgement here.  There’s nothing you’ll share that I haven’t heard before. Let’s work together to find a way to better protect what matters to you”.

Richie Thomas
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