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Since Quantum’s inception in 2016, we’ve set out to disrupt the finance industry status-quo. Purposefully designed by founders and directors Lincoln Davie & Daniel Jones, then further refined with the addition of Allan Gillbanks in 2021, Quantum has become the brokerage of choice in the mighty Waikato for people expecting more with their finance and risk advisers.

With a mission to solve the issues of access and opportunity that face many NZ families today, our vision is built on opening the door to possibilities. Imagine what could happen if we all understood our options and then had unbiased, expert, and free advice to weigh those options before acting?

With over 430 years combined experience in the banking and finance industry, our team is second-to-none.

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At Quantum we do different, because we’re all different. We’re born in different places, at different times. Raised by parents, grandparents, single parents, or even a system. We’ve lived on bare-bones, the smell-of-an-oily-rag, week-by-week, and learned to grow our financial options. We love different music, movies, food and yes, political parties! But, what unites us all is our company and the values we stand for.

We believe there’s a better way to do finance, insurance and KiwiSaver. A way where clients are earned and relationships are built on trust.

We’re bringing simple back. A simple yes, to easier access, quicker results, clear communication and personalised, customer-focused service, because your financial wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do.

What to expect from us

The #AdviserAdvantage

You come first

We advocate for you. That's the bottom line. We're here to get your goals, dreams and visions across the line today, so we can help you build your tomorrows.


We listen with empathy and respect. This is a safe-space for you to speak confidentially about your financial position.


Money equals stress. That's why we work fast, with deadly accuracy! We show up and follow-through so you'll meet all your deadlines with ease.


We work for you! Remove the stress & leave us to take care of the negotiations and legwork. We'll then bring you options & solutions to decide on.


No industry jargon here. We like things simple. We're happy to answer all your questions, and all those last-minute phone-calls when the pressure rises!

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