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At Quantum, our professional approach to your career path ensures that every adviser that joins our family, gets the ongoing support they need to succeed. Let’s be real – working a Financial Adviser (Broker), or Specialist can be difficult at times, and based on our experience, we can tell you it’s often due to the lack of support and inadequate sales management.

We won’t leave you alone to see if you sink or swim! We’d much rather be by your side watching you fly!

Our advisers don’t get rushed through compliance, or pacified with back-end office support. Our advisers get access to top-level management and mentors in-house, who have the skill-sets, experience and expertise to help you be your best.

Right from the start you’ll understand your value to our family, as we direct your efforts where they’re most needed, sitting with kiwi families and giving them clear pathways to peace and financial security.

With everyone on the same commission splits, and an earning potential to equal your efforts, supported by our in-house marketing team, the opportunities for success with us are endless.

2 simple pathways

Asset Finance Specialist

Asset Finance Specialist

Level-up your personal and business asset sales skills and opportunities.

Independent Contractors

Independent Contractors

Sick of promises and pitches that never pan-out?  Join a team of contractors that are valued and supported at every stage of their journey.

Independent Contractors & Asset Finance Specialist

Make you next move with us!

If you’ve got 3+ years of industry/sales experience under your belt, this is where the training wheels come off! You’ll be running your own company, with your own sub-agencies and really getting into the swing of things.

If you’ve been around the NZ finance and insurance block, you’ve probably heard all the promises and listened to all the pitches before! We’re hoping, that like us, you find it tacky to base success on the number of appointments book or $ issued in a week.

At Quantum, we do things differently. When it comes to full-service, our team is second-to-none. You’ll have access to admin, auditing, compliance, and customer management systems, and to marketing and social media tools and trainings.

We’ll also assist you with your underwriting, renewal, and refixing processes as well.

Our Independent Contractors are all on the same commission splits. There’s no favouritism here, just a clear focus on what is correct and best for our clients (eliminating desperation-selling altogether).

We’ll support your sales efforts with clear training scripts and proven processes from in-house mentors, who’ll remain at your disposal throughout your time with Quantum.

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You'll gain experience in:

  • Appointment structuring
  • Presentations
  • Our Mortgage/Insurance Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Bank & Non-bank Lending
  • Insurance Company products
  • Our Review Process
  • Our Claims Process
  • Customer Relationship Management
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