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Business insurance works as a contract between you and your business, and the insurer. Cover provides a financial safety net against a range of risks - fire, theft, injury, medical, illness, disability, and protection from risk events that can cause financial loss.

What happens when your GST return is due, staff are sick, client deadlines are overdue, and your warehouse is on fire?

Your insurance broker can help you identify your business pain points, your key people and assets, and the protection you actually need so you're not left over, or under insured.

Group Schemes

Why does your business need a Group Scheme?

Open the door to financial wellbeing options built on loyalty. Group Schemes are a non-wage salary enhancement that costs nothing but increases everything!

Minimise employee turnover and solve your employee sick-leave issues with all pre-existing injuries and illnesses covered. The level of investment will be returned to your business ten-fold!

Can include Life, Trauma, Health, Medical + all other extras.

FYI: Medical cover requires a minimum of 15 staff. Life, TPD & income cover requires a minimum of 10 staff.

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Shareholder Buy & Sell

Control who you end up in business with! Shareholder protection insures each shareholder for the value of their shares.

If they die or are permanently disabled, the other shareholders will receive a lump sum payment to 'buy-out' the departing members shareholding according to your Buy-Sell Agreement.

Key Person Cover

All businesses have key people who play a pivotal role in the profitability and sustainability of a business.

Key Person Cover pays out as a monthly benefit for the loss of key people to your business who are off work longer than 4 weeks due to sickness, or serious illness or injury.

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