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Getting started

Between the ages of 18-25 our risk focus should be on our long term injury cover.

Age: 18-25

Products: Trauma, Income Protection (IP), Total & Permanent Disability (TPD), Medical, Life

Focus: Long term injury cover

Moving ahead

From 25-35 we’re making moves to protect the lifestyle we’re building and ourselves from debt.

Age: 25-35

Products: Life, Income Protection (IP), Trauma, Medical

Focus: Debt, protect lifestyle

Building security

Between 35-45 we’re aiming to keep that lifestyle we’ve built and often raising a family.

Age: 35-55

Products: Life, Total & Permanent Disability (TPD), Trauma, Medical

Focus: Kids, keeping lifestyle

Preparing ahead

Heading into our retirement years between 55-65, its all about protecting ourselves and our assets.

Age: 55-65

Products: Medical, Trauma, Life, Income Protection (IP)

Focus: Safety, protect, assets

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Leaving a legacy

Once we hit 65+ we want to make sure we’re at the front of the cue for all our medical and health needs.

Age: 65+

Products: Medical, Trauma, Life

Focus: Get to the front of the cue fast


What is Trauma cover?

Trauma cover is insurance that pays you a one-off, lump-sum payment if you get any of up-to 70 defined illnesses or conditions.  It allows you to crouch, pause and hold, when a diagnosis comes.  It removes the worry about money & bills and creates breathing room for your recovery, treatment and rehabilitation.  No limits are placed on how you use the money.  You could use it for non-funded pharmac drugs, help to cover debts or repayments, seeking alternative treatments, home alterations, rehabilitation, home-help, a new car, a rehab holiday, or simply day-to-day expenses like food, petrol, power, phone.  

What is Income Protection?

Income Protection cover is compensation for loss of income due to disability, illness or injury, that's paid out in monthly payments.  It's non-deductable and non-taxable, and you can choose the agreed value.  Hundreds of thousands of kiwi's suffer a health setback every year that prevents them from working, sometimes indefinitely.  Financial obligations can't be put on hold, especially if you have a growing family!  Mortgages, household bills and general living expenses still need to be covered.  Income Protection can help sustain a comfortable income when you and your family need it most.

What is TPD?

TPD stands for Total & Permanent Disability cover.  This insurance provides you with a lump-sum payment if you become permanently disabled and are unable to work due to accident or injury.  Because it's a lump sum benefit, it can't be stopped like ACC payments.  And this cover doesn't prevent ACC from supporting you also.  Your policy structure will determine the criteria for payment, that's why speaking with an expert risk adviser is so important.  

Are Medical & Health insurance the same thing?

Yes.  Medical insurance provides you with front-of-the-line access to treatment.  No public waiting lists.  With more options for treatment, hospitals and medical specialists in your time of need.  Do you believe you and your loved ones are sufficiently protected by the current health system?  This cover gives you options, time, and often more healthier outcomes that can result in less time off work and less financial stress.  Medical cover gives you the power of choice.

What is life insurance?

Life cover is most commonly used to provide your family and loved ones with financial relief from the enormous grief and heartache of death.  Although this is never a pleasant topic, it's a necessary conversation, especially if you have a spouse and children to care for.  Life cover is simple to apply for, and almost everyone is easily eligible.  It's affordable and provides your family with sustaining benefits if the worst should ever happen.

What is Mortgage Protection?

Mortgage protection results in a monthly payment that helps you cover your mortgage repayments or rent to compensate you for a loss of income due to disability because of illness or injury.  You can choose to either, cover up to 115% of your mortgage or rent, or cover up to 45% of your income.  This cover is NOT offset against ACC.  For most of us, our greatest financial asset and highest loan repayment will be our home loan.  This cover provides a steady monthly payment to ensure you keep the roof over your head if you're off work due to redundancy, sickness or accident.  Ask one of our expert risk advisers how an Income & Mortgage Protection combo can really benefit your world!

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