Colin Henderson

Financial Adviser

Mortgages & Refixing

Phone: 021 285 5264
Email: [email protected]
FSP: 100352
LinkedIn: Colin Henderson

If you’re a future First-Home-Buyer, then you’re looking for someone that understands the finance industry inside and out.  Someone with over 3 decades of experience in the finance/banking industry, someone that still gets that overwhelming sense of joy when that first loan approval comes through. You’re looking for a mentor and advocate, and someone you can ring at 2am when something doesn’t go to plan!  You’re looking for me.

I was born and raised in Matamata in the mighty Waikato, where I still live today with my lovely wife, Melessa of 101 Accountants, where we’ve raised our two children. After a successful schoolboy rugby career, like every grassroots kiwi boy, I dreamed of being a professional rugby player, and the qualities that made me valuable on the field then, continue to make me equally as valuable in the finance industry today.

I see things others may miss.  I’m aware of everything going on in the industry, and can help you be a step-ahead of the game. As an advocator of your dreams and goals, no-one will fight harder to get your home loan approval across the line.  As a big-picture thinker, I’m not only interested in your today goals, but your tomorrow ones too!

“I’ve watched first-hand, the relief that comes when the worst happens, and a Mother or Father have understood the value of cover that protects the mortgage payments, cover that pays out when a life is lost.  The relief is palpable.  That kind of love and foresight benefits generations”.

I’m passionate about helping couples be more equally and actively involved in their day-to-day financial management.  I work hard to banish that usual she’ll-be-right-mate kiwi attitude when it comes to all things finance, often urging clients to heed those gut feelings that say you need to do something, even if you’re just not sure what.

Don’t just keep saving aimlessly towards that home purchase!  Take advantage of the free services available to you, and let’s build a clear plan of action to get you into that home today.

Colin Henderson
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