Erin Jones

Finance & Office Manager

Phone: 027 712 4425
Email: [email protected]
LinkedIn: Erin Jones

Don’t ask Erin to care for your house plant, grow a vege garden, cook or bake.  Nothing she touches survives, except for the customer and team relationships she nurtures on a daily basis here at Quantum.

With over 12 years experience in administration, HR, and account management (including 6 years as the Office Manager  for Traffic Management NZ), Erin is an administrative extraordinaire, who is valued not only for her admin skillset but her easy-going personality.

Erin shares, "As a team, Quantum live to make finance simple.  Even when we talk about hard things, we keep it real.  Because we are you!  We’re home owners with mortgages, businesses with insurance, humans with real-life experiences!  Humans that burn dinner, make crap cakes and can’t raise house-plants"

As Quantum's Finance & Office Manager, our team is in the best of hands!

Erin Jones
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