Graham Bunt

Financial Adviser

Risk Insurance Specialist

Phone: 022 188 3725
Email: [email protected]
FSP: 1005734
LinkedIn: Graham Bunt

When it comes to life lessons, Graham learnt a few powerful ones growing up in Zimbabwe that shaped him into the man, husband, father and grandfather that he is today. These lessons are evident throughout his bio and work history.  And they’ve become a powerful tool that benefits his clients and the financial decisions they’re considering making. 

As a husband, father and grandfather Graham sees this life-stage as one where he has the luxury of hindsight. Explaining that if he got a life re-do, he would have prioritised his risk needs in his budget. Hence the change! 

After a couple of years at Quantum as a finance specialist, Graham has completed his studies, receiving his Level 5 – NZ Certificate in Financial Services – specialising in Life, Disability & Health Insurance, and officially becoming a Financial Adviser. 

Graham reminds us that time is fleeting!  His best financial tip is to act now.   

“Don’t put the big financial decisions off for when you can ‘afford’ it, or ‘make time’ to deal with it.  None of us can prevent bad things from happening, but we can mitigate our risks so we have the ability to rebuild  Looking back, I wish we’d made income protection and medical cover a priority in our budget as a young married couple. Yes, times are tight. But don’t write off weighing your options. Give me a chance to find a way to make protecting the things that matter most to you a reality” 

A risk review is a free Quantum service. And you’re not obligated to the outcomes.  

Let’s talk. 

Graham Bunt
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