Reuben de Leeuw

Financial Adviser

Risk Insurance Specialist

Phone: 027 254 2474
Email: [email protected]
FSP: 1006109

Born and raised in Whangapoua on the Coromandel Peninsula, Reuben and his partner still live close to home in Matarangi.

New to the industry with a Level 5, NZ Certificate in Financial Services – specialising in Life, Disability & Health Insurance, Reuben joins the Quantum Risk Team, servicing the Coromandel in-person, and offering online appointments NZ-wide.

A proud rural-NZ boy that ticks all the expected boxes (love of fishing, camping, sports and his dog), Reuben began building his career path as an apprentice plumber and gasfitter, where he learned the value of loyalty, commitment, customer-focused service, hands-on experience, and a hunger for knowledge.  

Taught to always live within his means and to stick to a budget, Reuben understands that life is a journey. Currently renting, he’s on-track to buying his first home next year. But when it comes to creating wealth and financial security, he’s the first to admit that the lack of education around finance can be a huge barrier.  Explaining:  

“Not having financial literacy education in the NZ school curriculum means its left to parents to teach.  If your parents missed out, then you missed out.  And if you missed out, your children end up missing out too. And so, the cycle continues. Financial wellbeing isn’t something we should be winging!

Growing up in rural NZ, there was always bit of a notion that the finance industry was out-of-touch and riddled with scammers.  Thankfully, Quantum is not that.  It’s full of real people, with real lives, that really care about helping kiwis get ahead.  With hundreds and hundreds of years of combined experience we can find the right solution for anyone!”

So why Risk Insurance?  And why now?

“I’ve seen the first-hand effects that sudden and devastating health events can have on loved ones, and how much harder a lack of protection makes things if there isn’t a plan in place.  I made this move so I can help others protect themselves and their loved ones before it’s too late.”

Reuben de Leeuw
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